• Subject: online pumping equipment shop
  • Region of promotion: Belarus
  • Domain age: 10 years
  • Work start date: 6 January 2018
  • Case renewal: 6 January 2019
  • Minimum goal: double the traffic
  • Maximum goal: get the site to the TOP of regional search results.

Website condition

The site had a good position in Google and had good rankings in Minsk. But there was no visibility whatsoever in regions and in Yandex.

Before launching the promotion, we conducted a detailed audit, including market research, website potential, an approximate list of works and recommendations. You can see them here.

The main question that had to be resolved was ‘Should we create regional subdomains?’. In the audit we gave a detailed account of the pluses and the minuses of subdomains and folders, so that the customer could make the final decision.

What was done

A redesign was planned and for 3 months we actively collaborated with the in-house specialists.

A decision was made not to create subdomains, but, rather, make regional catalogues (i.e., /catalog/gomel/*). All the products were placed in the root of the catalogue to avoid duplication.

We composed a semantic core, clustered it and divided by URL.

We created a large table with all meta-tags and a product generation template.

A large list of redirects was also obtained because of the change in the website structure.

The result

According to the audit, these were the potential figures.

Displays in Belarus:

Share of Displays in Yandex as of 01.01.20189%*Share of displays in Google as of 01.01.20188%*
Maximum plan43%Maximum plan43%
Realistic plan18%Realistic plan18%
*for the last month, regardless of seasonality. Based on the product assortment.

Ie. visibility in Belarus is really doubled.

The share of hits in Yandex Minsk ~ 15%. Can be increased by 3%.
The share of hits in Yandex Mogilev ~ 4%. Can be increased by 14%.
The share of hits in Yandex Vitebsk ~ 1%. Can be increased by 17%.
The share of hits in Yandex Gomel ~ 1%. Can be increased by 17%.
The share of hits in Yandex Grodno ~ 2%. Can be increased by 16%.
The share of hits in Yandex Brest ~ 4%. Can be increased by 14%.

Results achieved in the 9 months of promotion

Comparison with the last year’s traffic in Google:

Comparison with the last year’s traffic in Yandex:

  • Google traffic increased by 47%.
  • Yandex traffic increased by 137%.


Yandex Minsk: from 19% to 73%

Yandex Mogilev: from 10% to 62%

Yandex.Grodno: from 6% to 68%

Yandex.Gomel: from 10% to 59%

Yandex.Brest: from 17% to 75%

Yandex.Vitebsk: from 6% to 73%

At the moment the site is being independently promoted by the in-house marketing department.