• Subject: education
  • Region of promotion: Moscow and Moscow Oblast
  • Domain age: 1 year
  • Work start date: 1 June 2017
  • Case renewal: 10 January 2019
  • Minimum goal: increase sales and traffic from search engines two-fold
  • Maximum goal: get the website to the TOP of Yandex and Google.

Website condition

  • About 450 pages, half of which didn’t contain any important information;
  • Content with little information, slightly over-spammed content, cannibalism;
  • The site was promoted using old SEO-methods;
  • Mediocre unadaptive design with numerous technical mistakes;
  • Leased backlinks;
  • Unique product images;
  • Average traffic – 40 people per day. Maximum 120 people during sales season.

What was done

The site needed to move to a new domain.

That’s why we registered a new drop-domain in the .ru area with:

  • a few good backlinks,
  • 30% of pages in the index,
  • age of 7 years,
  • good history of the education-themed previous website.
  • Composed a semantic core, divided by the new corrected site structure.
  • Redesigned the website entirely to make it competitive and adaptive.
  • Added a review section, FAQ, processed the photos, published unique videos.
  • Accelerated website loading speed.
  • Added an online consultant, a callback option.
  • Changed and optimized all the pages according to clustered queries.
  • Rewrote Title, Description, H1 to make them selling and unique.
  • Added micromarking, which led to star rating appearing in Google results.
  • Wrote and published new articles every month.
  • Manually interlinked the pages.
  • Unpromoted pages were deleted from the index and closed to indexing.
  • The main emphasis was placed on the promoted pages. We purchased a group in Twitter for quick indexation and traffic social links.

The main strategy was reduced to minimal purchase of links from relevant websites. We got 90% social links and 10% of other links.

We placed the emphasis on the increase in behavioural factor:

  • increase in website browsing time, depth of viewing;
  • direct visits;
  • clickability in the search results.

The result

Consumer activity dynamics

Yandex visibility dynamics

After the website got to the TOP (94% visibility based on 513 queries) a decision was made to create a second website. Its dynamics is denoted by the blue line and amounts to 65%.

Google visibility dynamics

All high frequency queries were propelled to the TOP.