Search engine optimization
(SEO) expert
Galina Belousova

Search engine optimization
(SEO) expert

Web-site’s promotion in USA

The benefits
of private specialist (freelancer)


Cheaper and more efficient compared to TOP agencies.


Lead not more than 4 projects at the same time. Therefore, give to each client a lot of time.


The client is independent from me. I do not soot on the so-called "SEO-Needle".


All links are purchased on your accounts. Detailed reports.


Certified specialist, ❾ years of experience, own automation systems and services.


The main efforts are aimed at improving the quality of the resource and sales.

Certificates and diplomas

  • Certificate Google Analytics 2019
  • Certificate Digital Sales Google 2019

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I will point out obvious errors in the promotion
and usability

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Schemes of SEO

Depending on the specifics of your business and the expected result, possible ways of promotion: articles, perpetual or rental references. These methods are most often combined, and in its pure form does not apply. The main efforts are still focused on quality of life and improving behavioral factors.


From 4 months

Eternal links

From 6 month

Rental links

Permanent work

With whom and how do I work

customer engagement by private specialist

1. I cooperate with the owners of small or medium business. Fill out the form or contact me.

2. I will personally contact you, will arrange the audit, determine the scope of work. We will discuss terms and rates.

3. We prepare a safe transaction or direct payment. You deposit 50% as an advance payment. I accept: Yandex.Money (VISA/MasterCard), WebMoney.

4.I’ll perform the first stage of optimization, audit, work plan and drafting terms of reference.

5. I’ll perform the second phase to optimize and improve the quality of the resource, provide the month-end report.

6. You arrange the remaining 50% of payment. We discuss further terms of cooperation.

List of works at each stage of SEO optimization and promotion

I stage

7 days
  • Usability audit, internal optimization and competitors.
  • Keyword research for a large number of queries.
  • Optimization of the structure of the site.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for revision.
  • Correction of technical errors.
  • Install Analytics and goals.

II stage

Up to two month
  • Conducting activities to improve the quality of the resource.
  • Checking the current indicators and positions.
  • Correction/writing under a semantic kernel.
  • Study of title, meta, H1, display of snippets, microdata, linking.
  • Improvement of behavioral factors.

III stage

From 2 month
  • SEO promotion strategy.
  • Adding new articles to the content.
  • Usability analysis based on users’ behavior on the website.
  • Checking the TOP base on the thematic areas and forums.
  • Monitoring of competitors (direct and in search results).
  • Improving the quality of the site.

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the services of a private seo specialist

Participation in conferences

Report on Internet marketing together with agencies: IPM – School of business, Texterra and UniSender.

Creating of services and scripts

Creator of an «Up-Desk» service

I write automation scripts and parsing.

Founder of the «House-Media» Agency

Since 2014th I’m one of the founders of digital Agency that promotes furniture and construction businesses.

8 years of experience

"Studio RU" (Minsk, Moscow), "Web Turbine" (Lipetsk) in the A. Merkulov’s team, "Web Companion" (Lyubertsy), "Robinson" Studio.

Letters of thanks and testimonials

  • A review (letter of appreciation) from OOO 'Sixth Continent'
  • A review from an online store personalized gifts
  • A review (letter of appreciation) from 'BranchWood'
Rating 5 based on 3 reviews

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Most of the projects done in the Studio,
so below there are just some case studies. — PVC Windows in Belarus
SEO Etalongroup
  • Conversion 0,081%
  • Visits 1227
  • Achieving the goals 1
  • Time on site 1:49
  • Failure 27,5%
SEO Etalongroup
  • Conversion 6,37%
  • Visits 1492
  • Achieving the goals 143
  • Time on site 2:24
  • Failure 22,9%
Ceiling’s era — suspended ceilings
SEO Ceiling’s era
  • Conversion 1,28%
  • Visits 234
  • Achieving the goals 6
  • Time on site 2:19
  • Failure 11,1%
SEO Ceiling’s era
  • Conversion 3,62%
  • Visits 552
  • Achieving the goals 29
  • Time on site 4:05
  • Failure 10,9%
OknaStandard (Windows standard) — Plastic Windows
SEO OknaStandard
  • Top 5 position in Yandex on request "PVC Windows"
SEO OknaStandard
  • Top 1st position in Google for the query "PVC Windows"

Calculation of SEO-promotion cost

The price does not include the payment of all other involved experts:
designer, coder, programmer and copywriter. Also does not include the costs of links purchase.

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